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Choice Creative Solutions is the brainchild of the group behind the marketing wheel at Community Choice Credit Union (CCCU) in Des Moines, IA. After over a decade of proven success and awards of recognition for raising the awareness/success level for CCCU and pushing the marketing boundaries for a financial institution, it seemed logical to work with other businesses to help them achieve success.

what we do

A place for collaborative and creative explosions. We exist for results. We have only one mission... To earn our partners repeat business. Over 70 years of combined experience and proven results. If marketing promotions and digital advertising is our specialty, creativity is our instrument. Contact us and expect an idea. Expect collaborative thinking. Expect no smoke and mirrors.

why choose us

We present an idea and you decide if it's right for you. If you don't like it... we part as friends. We believe YOU should be more important to your business than US. We don't want to be your advertising agency... we want to offer you ideas that can yield increased business opportunities. Others may make promises, we create solutions.

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The greatest strength of digital marketing is it’s ability to target and retarget your customers and potential customers. Creating a web of engagement with your customers includes exposing them to digital advertising that is appealing enough to interact/click. You then need to take them to a landing page, and provide information that will fulfill their initial desire to have clicked on your ad. Unfortunately, most business stop here. That’s a HUGE mistake. For Choice Creative Solutions clients, this is just the beginning. Schedule an appointment with one of our team members to see how creating a true web of engagement philosophy, can change the way you do business.

“Most ads aren’t written to persuade, they’re written not to offend” -Roy Williams (not the basketball coach)

At Choice Creative Solutions, we couldn’t agree more. We’re constantly scratching our head when we see ads with shots of close, free parking or smiling staff members who tout GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. You should expect more for your company. And we can provide the ideas that will have people talking.

We’ve learned a long time ago that it’s good to have friends. And we have a lot. Want to hang out in a suite at Wells Fargo Arena for the next Iowa Energy or Iowa Wild game? Let’s do it. Want to put together a promotion with Iowa State Basketball that will have your company front and center with one of the state’s most identifiable brands? Let’s do it. How about a client appreciation trip to sunny Puerto Vallarta? Let’s do it. Marketing your business is tough. You deserve to have a little fun and feel like a VIP, because you are. And we’ll make sure you know it!


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